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Zero-Waste Energy Development Company, San Jose, CA

Zero Waste Energy Development Company Anerobic Digestion & Compost Facility, San Jose, CA – 2009. The ZWEDC AD Facility is the largest dry fermentation anaerobic digestion project in the world and was designed and constructed to meet the stringent standards for LEED Gold Certification. The ZWEDC AD Facility is a fully enclosed and ventilated organic waste processing and renewable power generation facility that will be built in three phases. Landarc played a role in the site design along with a team of architects, engineers and permitting consultants and permitting Governing agencies included City of San Jose, State of California Public Health and South Bay Water Recycling Agency requirements to develop the landscape site plan on the 23 acre reclaimed landfill site. The design included the chambers facility, air purification tanks and a ½ acre detention basin to capture and treat the storm run-off from the site. Planting for the site was designed to handle the harsh wind, brackish air, and provide plants that would handle drought stress. The irrigation used all reclaimed water.

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