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Green Building & Practice

Landarc Associates Inc. is a firm that is committed to providing clients with green building methods drawing from many years of experience in preparing well-designed and engineered project work. The green methods that are new to some find their roots in our design methods before they became popular. Water conservation using smart irrigation controllers, weather stations and engineered irrigation plans are always available and can be as highly technical as the client request and budget calls for. Landarc Associates strives to create a plant palette, which draws upon the uniqueness of the building or site design. The water requirements of those plants are always considered and in some cases the site uses reclaimed water, which brings its own special considerations. Water Conservation, Filtration, Collection and Reuse Using methods of design that can include highly efficient irrigation, Landarc Associates is able to meet California State standards for water conservation. Landarc Associates Inc. can design an irrigation system that uses less water but also design a system that harvests and stores water when water use is critical. As part of site design capabilities, water can be captured through bioswales or permeable paving for reuse in irrigation. Various methods of biofiltration can be incorporated into the design to filter pollutants from site storm water, before the water is returned to the ocean, the storm sewer or reused for irrigation. If on site storage is part of the program design, we can incorporate the captured and filtrated water into on site storage to be used for irrigation as demand calls for it.

U.S. Green Building Council – LEED

Landarc Associates worked with the architectural team of McKim Design Group on the Rohnert Park City Hall renovation project. This project scope included a major building renovation including a complete renovation of the site to include parking, pedestrian circulation, planting and irrigation. McKim Design Group designed this project which was awarded “Gold” Leed certification. Landarc Associates Inc. worked with McKim Design Group on the design, construction drawings and the LEED processing required for this project. Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional Landarc Associates Inc. is a “Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional” certified in November 2010. Bay-Friendly Qualified landscape professionals have participated in one or both of the following comprehensive training programs and are enthused about offering a holistic approach to the design, construction or management of your landscape. They have had the instruction to help them work with nature to reduce waste, conserve valuable resources, and prevent pollution – nurturing a landscape that is as healthy as it is beautiful! ” BFQLP incorporates these seven principles to help you design, create and maintain Bay-Friendly landscapes:

  • Landscape Locally
  • Landscape for Less to the Landfill
  • Nurture the Soil
  • Conserve Water
  • Conserve Energy
  • Protect Water & Air Quality
  • Create Wildlife Habitat

Build It Green

MBA Architects contacted Landarc Associates Inc. to work with them on making the Coyote Creek Homes project meet the requirements for Build It Green certification. Landarc Associates brought a drought tolerant planting palette and low flow irrigation to the design to make project the most efficient possible. Santa Clara County Green Business Program ( ) In 2008 Landarc Associates Inc. joined the Santa Clara County Green Business Program. The Green Business Program is a successful partnership of environmental agencies and utilities that assists, recognizes and promotes businesses and government agencies that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. To be certified “green,” participants must be in compliance with all regulations and meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste.

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